Fleck 5600SXT is among the best-selling water softener systems in the market currently. This model can easily be found online and with a lot of positive reviews from verified users. Considering its price tag, this salt-based unit offers you an impressive performance and is capable of supplying soft water to a household with up to 6 people.

In this article, we’ll take a glance at some of the features that makes this unit the best-selling water softener system.

1. Intelligent regeneration

This unit’s regeneration cycle is totally dependent on the exact amount of water consumed in your household which is calculated using a digital meter. Furthermore, in case of an increase of water needs in your household, the system will automatically modify its settings to keep up with that pace.

To add on this, it has a 48,000-grain capacity which only means that it can soften any type of hard water. You’ll also get a 10×54 tank and a 14x17x33 brine tank which can supply enough soft water to a medium or large home without any breaks.

2. LED digital display

The system comes with an LED screen that perfectly displays the status of your system. In addition, it comes with techy and easy to use touch-pad controls. With this feature, you can easily check any error codes, gallons of water used and the total time remaining for the regeneration cycle to begin.

3. Safety float

If you install this water softener, you can be sure of minimal wastage of water and salt. Coming with a safety float, you don’t have to worry about water spillage or overflow.

4. Easy installation

Fleck 5600SXT is also very easy to set up especially if you have some basic knowledge in plumbing. To make it better, you’ll be given a USB drive with video instructions on how to install this product yourself. The videos are very instructive that even any person with little or no plumbing knowledge can install the softener correctly.

That said, you should make sure that there is ample space for installing the softener before purchasing. Why do we say this? This system is heavy and bulky and might require added manpower (2 people) to move it. However, you can always seek the services of a qualified plumber to help you out.

5. Less expensive

Fleck 5600SXT comes at a relatively low cost considering the amount of features and benefits that it comes along with. However, keep in mind that the price could change at any time depending on the seller. Furthermore, if you can’t install it yourself and decide to seek the services of a qualified plumber, you’ll have to set aside the plumber’s fee as well.

Additionally, this system is designed to be maintenance free. You’ll only need to refill the salt levels after every few months. Its control valve is intelligent enough to know when the water being used is more or less.

Our verdict

If you have a family of up to 6 individuals and less than 3 standard bathrooms, then this softener is best suited for you. Furthermore, if your area has moderate or very hard water this system is also great for you. However, it’s not suitable for very small or very large households with 3 or more bathrooms. Also, if you’re on a salt restricted diet, there are other viable options to choose from.

So was this post helpful? Well, we’re sure Fleck 5600SXT water softener will solve most of your hard water problems. You can also keep following this page to get some of the best water softener reviews. Feel free to leave us your comment in the comments section below.

Why Is Fleck 5600 SXT The Perfect System For Your Home

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